Summary and Conclusion

The graphs on the previous page help us conclude that Pepsi is relatively unsearched. The popularity of Pepsi varied throughout the world, but one of the most popular places it's searched is in California. When we added the filter of Food and Drink to the search, the search decreased slightly. Even when all the filters were applied, we noticaed a constant peak between April 2 - April 8, 2017. This was when the Kendall Jenner ad was released, and it caused such controversy that the amount of searches increased exponentially. The filters didn't change the results: teh Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad caused extreme tension.

Through all the graphs, the most interest over the last 12 months was between April 2nd-April 8th, 2017. Besides that, the number of searches for Pepsi is relatively low. This data story proves that a topic becomes more popular when there is news around it and while people talk about it, it is also very common to search it up as well.